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LJ Interests Meme (automated version)

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bill hicks:
    A Texas comedian who died before his time, and a staple in the Show With No Name's clip library. We probably replayed every one of his TV appearances at some time or another. He wasn't known for jokes, but instead for rants against the government, against our society, and against hypocrisy.
  2. conan o'brien:
    While I always skip his monologues, the humor bits are often some of the funniest things on television. He's not afraid to go totally absurd if it suits his comedic aims.
  3. firefly:
    Joss Whedon goes sci-fi western and produces one of the best half-seasons of television ever. Now, they've got a movie too. Whee!
  4. history:
    I like reading about the history of science and technology. I've got a book about the aborted "Project Orion" on my short list right now. That was a project in the 1950's and early 60's to use atomic bombs as a power source for spaceflight.
  5. linux:
    Hmmm... I first discovered Linux in early 1992 when a certain TA of mine in my second CS course at Georgia Tech mentioned that this little project was out there and that it might be worth looking into if I wanted something to hack on. I started by reading the entire Linux mailing list up to that point, about 800 pages of data in print out form, thanks to the big, fast, and cheap printers in the Rich Building at Georgia Tech.

    I'm currently using Linux for lots of things :)
  6. palmone:
    The old name of the company that employs me. We're now just "Palm".
  7. sarah silverman:
    She gets away with being totally offensive so often because we can see that she's just saying things to provoke people. However, I'm starting to think that she's just a very wrong girl.
  8. spaceflight:
    The last man to touch the moon did so 18 months before I was born. The first Space Shuttle launched when I was seven. Challenger flew up with I was eleven. I remember seeing the original Voyager pictures of Jupiter and Saturn and being amazed. I love the idea of humanity leaving our home and exploring the rest of the universe.
  9. tegan and sara:
    I love these girls from Canada and their power indie pop music. I listed to "If I Were You" over and over, but their current album "So Jealous" hasn't grown on me as much.
  10. venus hum:
    Wow. Just one of the best groups out there right now. I first was exposed to them in their work with the Blue Man Group, and I immediately went to their site and ordered one of everything. Female singer, guys with guitars and synths, and really great songwriting.

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