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Bare Shelves at the HEB

I went to the Parmer & Mopac HEB tonight after seeing the reports of Hurricane Rita getting stronger and heading for Central Texas. It looks like lots of bread-loving people had come before me. The cashier said that they'd sold out of bottled water at noon, and they expect it to go as quickly as they can stock it in the morning.
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Maybe you should just come to Atlanta to ride out the storm.

Not this weekend! I do want to get back out to the ATL sometime this fall, just don't know when.

The Randalls by my house was about the same. No water or batteries in the store, and the canned goods section already looked like a storm had run through it.

Wow! Its almost like when they call for flurries in North GA. OH GOD! A SNOWFLAKE! WE'LL STARVE!

Yesterday at the Far West HEB, the managers decided that they should form one line for all of the registers and just let a few people stand in line at each register. (They learned from Wednesday when each register had a line of 20 people long.) The one line wound through the store and nearly wrapped around itself. It was insane. And everyone had to wait in the line. Ten items or fewer? Get in the back of the line. The people were crazy and totally bought us out of bread and water and ice and almost anything else that wasn't nailed down. Good thing the storm changed paths. Now we'll just have to deal with all of the crazy people returning everything. Not fun.

I'd like to return this ice... it melted, so it's obviously defective. :)

Did I ever tell you the story of being at the HEB at 2222 and Burnet and having a guy in front of me try to return a box of tampons that's he had obviously stolen from the women's restroom in the HEB? Now that's crazy.

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