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Last Minute ACL Update
Grrr... due to travel problems, several of the artists I'd wanted to see have been replaced on the ACLFest lineup. Most disturbing for me is the replacement of The Ditty Bops, who I'd planned on seeing this morning. Boo hiss. I loved their live show at SXSW, and I didn't go see them with Tori Amos because I knew I'd see them at ACL. I guess I'll still head down for Spoon and Lucinda Williams later in the afternoon, but I won't be spending a huge amount of time at the fest today.

The other substitution of note is replacing Saturday's Tegan and Sara performance with Tracy Bonham; that's actually an upgrade in my opinion. However, I think I'm skipping Saturday's show altogether... I've got much more interesting plans :) Sunday is still on with a solid afternoon of musical fun.
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What could possibly be more fun than Saturday's ACL? Don't you feel guilty for letting your ticket go to waste?!

I made my saving throw vs. guilt. When you tell someone you'd rather spend Saturday with her than 60,000 of your closest friends, it's really bad form to not follow through. :)

Well, when you put it that way...

...can I have your wristband for Saturday?

...and this is where I see a compromise fast approaching.

Not even *I* can deal with you missing Tracy on my behalf. lol

There are a few errands I wanted to run tomorrow anyway. Seriously. We can get together in the morning, split up for a while and have the rest of the day together. Or, we can just connect in the afternoon. No harm, no foul. It won't be bad form...I PROMISE.

Go!!! Have fun!!! I'm just glad I get to have any time with you at all this weekend!

See how well I play with others??? :D

That is an excellent icon. :)

I really do spend far too many hours trolling Whedonverse icon communities.

It makes me gleeful that someone actually noticed one!!! *woot*

Thanks :D

You know... I wasn't kidding. I really do want to borrow your wristband for the day if you're not actually going to use it. I would pick it up and bring it back to you. And I'd take good care of it. Of course, I totally understand if you're not comfortable with the idea of loaning your wristband to someone, but I thought I'd ask, just in case. :)

Problem 1: I didn't get to ACL yesterday, so I've not picked up my wristband yet.

Problem 2: I am actually going to a bit of the show today.


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