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Georgia, Finally

My holiday trip got off to a poor start on Thursday. I was flying to Chattanooga via Chicago (thank you American Airlines), and my flight from Austin to Chicago got delayed due to an air traffic hold, as Chicago had a low cloud ceiling and they were keeping planes further apart due to low visibility. I landed at 7:20, got off the plane five minutes later, and made it from H16 to G2 in time to see the plane to Chattanooga pull back, stranding me at O'Hare.

AA rescheduled me for their next flight, a 1:30PM flight the following day, and I got a "distressed traveler" coupon for the O'Hare Airport Hilton. It was a fairly cheap rate, but not free. The hotel was nice, I had a nice dinner at its restaurant, and my flight to Chattanooga on Friday was fine with me sitting in 1A and chatting with the flight attendant.

On landing at CHA, I did see an interesting sight. On the ramp was a 737 decorated in the livery of Hooters Air, the new charter airline that features "Hooters-style" entertainment on board. I snapped a picture from the terminal building, the registry was something like NE4OWL.

So far, my stay here at my parents' has been uneventful. Earlier this evening, I went out for sushi with some local friends, and the menu at Kanpei of Tokyo was the source of some laughter. One roll type was described as "the favorite of ladies", while the vegetarian combo was "healthier and cheaper!".
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