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Shrek 2

I saw "Shrek 2" earlier tonight, and I recommend it to everyone. There was a lot of anarchic humor, including some really funny homages to famous scenes from recent big films like Spiderman and LOTR. The story was thin, but served well to string together some great set pieces, and the voices were fine, with good work by Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas, who plays "Puss in Boots". There wasn't as much Disney bashing this time around, but they get in a lot of masqueraded culture references that are fun to spot. While there's nothing addition at the end of the film, there is a part after the main credits roll that's worth staying in your seat to see. For the computer graphics geeks, I really like the work they did on fur in this one; It's much better looking than the original Shrek, especially when wet. Lighting is also handled pretty well, although that's more a directorial attribute than a technical one.

I think it will be a contender for the animation Oscar in 2004, but the competition with this Fall's "The Incredibles" from Pixar means it's no sure thing. Pixar's film benefits from a great lineup of voice work, including the inimitable Sarah Vowell (as heard on This American Life) and the "inconceivable" Wallace Shawn.
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