The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Night of the Living Dorks

The second movie I saw last night at Fantastic Fest was the German teen-comedy "Night of the Living Dorks". Before the film, Alamo Drafthouse owner Tim League came out to introduce it, noting that the film had won the audience award at Fantasia Fest, so they'd booked it without watching it, so he was sorry if it sucked. Fortunately, it didn't suck. But first, there was a very funny and grotesque short German film about job safety as a forklift operator.

"Night of the Living Dorks" most reminds me of the sleeper American film "Idle Hands" which I really enjoyed. You've got three loser friends, the girl-next-door who is in love with one of the guys but hangs around with Goths, the popular clique, the unobtainable rich girl, a cast of teachers, a party while the parents are away, and unintentional undeadness. It's not a deep film, but it's one that had me laughing hard the whole time, including a few sight gags straight from a raunchy Farrelly brothers film. The ending is a bit too "reset buttony" and you can see some of the gags coming several minutes ahead of time, but the payoff is still good.
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