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Colbert Delivers
I love The Daily Show, but I just watched the first episode of The Colbert Report, and it was amazing. Jon Stewart does a great job with hist political outrage, but Stephen Colbert is amazing playing the "Bill O'Reilly" type, and the gravitas-off part with Stone Phillips had me rolling. If you want to catch it and you don't have cable, Comedy Central has a streaming feed of the first show for your enjoyment.

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I laffed and laffed, but I'm nervous that the gag will get old quick. We didn't add the season pass (yet), but tell me what you think in a few weeks :).

Totally love the Colbert Report. Last January I attended a taping of The Daily Show, and the moment that struck me the hardest was when Jon Stewart was introducing the topic for which Colbert was going to be the correspondent. I looked over at where Colbert was standing. He still had a full minute or so before he was going to be on air, but he was standing and leering into the camera with the most amazing poise and... gravitas that I had ever seen in a live performance by anyone. I was already laughing before Jon even asked him a question. In the world of comedy, Colbert is a force of true greatness.

On another note, did anybody else love that easy-to-miss joke that Corddry made last night in This Week In God? He had a picture of a semi-attractive blonde woman up on the board, and he showed Wolf Blitzer introduce her on CNN as their "Faith and Values Correspondent." Then Corddry said, "So, CNN has a new Faith and Values correspondent, huh? Say, there's a real Favcilf."

I do voice over work and the gravitas bit had me laughing loud enough to wake the neighbors. I love Stephen Colbert.

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