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The Cassidy Kids: Early Screening

This morning, I got to attend a special "friends-and-family" screening of the new film The Cassidy Kids. My friends Bryan Poyser (poyboy) and Jake Vaughan (senorjacob) produced and directed this film, and they're involved in the editing process right now to get it ready for a festival run in 2006. What I saw this morning was really impressive. It's a complex story, involving a group of kids that solve a real-life crime, a 80's TV show based on their adventure, and a reunion in 2005 where the original kids are interviewed for a DVD set of the TV show. The shifting time line can be hard to pull-off, but the film does a good job of making each time period distinct. I didn't know where the story was going before seeing the screening, so there were a lot of surprises, but it had a really great emotional payoff. All of the performances felt right, even the child stars playing "not-so-good" actors in the TV show.

There is still more editing to do to the film. Some of the sequences can be moved around to pace the story better, and some of the character introduction needs to be handled better, but it looks like their raw material is pretty stunning. I hear that they may have a special Austin Film Society work-in-progress screening before the end-of-the-year, so keep your eyes open.
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