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Another Secret Project
I've finally taken the first step towards one of my personal secret projects, combining JavaScript programming, Austin retail institutions, and bumper sticker creativity. I'm very excited.

If you want to play with my setup right now, you can look at the HTML source for this entry and make your own message. My current alphabet is composed of the letters 'a', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'l', 'm', 'o', 'p', 'r', 's', 't', and 'w'. I've got a 'b' made from from part of an 'l' (b1) and half of an 'o' (b2) and I've got 'start', 'space', and 'end' symbols. For some real life examples, check out these pictures.
I hope to have something that's easier to use and more interactive once I've had a chance to do some more browser-side coding.

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You are such a freak. And I mean that in the most delighted way possible. :)



more letters! wan' more letters!!

*wiggle* I'm having too much fun with this..

One more then I'm done (for now *cough*)

I can do my name!

See! =)

Hmmm... trying to think of what other letters one can do. You can get an 'i' by taking the 'l' and pasting some blue from another part of the bumper sticker on it, but that's cheating. I think you could make a 'v' by contracting the 'w'. You can also make a really lame 'f' by rotating the 't'. I do need to get one of their ".com" add-on stickers and scan that in. That will get us a period and a proper 'm', as well as an 'n' and an 'h' with some cutting and combining.

I don't think that 'f' works very well. It's quite dyslexic. The 'v' looks like it should join the collection.

Killer. Mind if I take a shot at writing a dhtml waterloo records rearranger using your images?

I did a post a while back where if you wanted to respond to it you had to use the words from the post itself, like those refrigerator poetry magnets:

Unfortunately it seems as though things broke so it only works on IE- on other browsers it's all jumbled up.

Go right ahead... that was my plan too, but I'd not had a chance to start on it yet.

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