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Disappointed in Texas
While I'm out in California this week, I followed today's elections in Texas, and it's made me rather disappointed. In particular, I've been following the polls on Amendment Two which would establish that any marriage-like relationship in Texas was strictly reserved for pairings of one man and one woman. Overall, this amendment passed with 76% of the votes.

From looking at the county-by-county results, the highest voter turnout was in small counties that overwhelming voted for the amendment. For example, Wilbarger county up in North Texas had a 43% turnout, and voted 3200 to 500 (approx) in favor of the amendment. That's 87% for hate. I've had a lot of exposure to what the No Nonsense group has been doing, but I didn't get to see what the "right" was doing to mobilize their base, and it looks like they were able to get out a lot of the vote.

I am proud of the efforts that the progressives here in Texas made to fight this, but outside of Travis County, it looks like the anti-gay lobby was much more effective in getting their people to vote. I am proud that I live in a community that voted against the amendment, although I thought our margin of victory would be greater than 60-40.

This election does make me wonder about the future of progressives in Texas. Is this issue just too polarizing, or is this an indicator that the state is a lost cause? Was this just not interesting enough to some large group of people that would be against discrimination, but didn't consider it important enough to go vote?

I love Austin, but it sure feels like a small spot of blue in an ugly pile of red tonight.

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me, too.

thank you for being a good straight ally who puts his time where his principles are. thinking about that makes me feel less like an alien.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that it's the churches getting the hate-word out. Who needs to organize when you can have your grass-roots faith-base do all the work?

I hate people who can't figure out the difference between church and state.

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