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Evening with the Spankers

Earlier this evening, I saw most of the 8PM show of the Asylum Street Spankers. They were playing here in Austin before hitting a few more Texas towns, and then heading through the midwest.

The Saxon Pub was crowded. I didn't get there in time to get a seat, but I had part of a wall on lean on. The band played a 50 minute set, then took a break, coming out to play for another 50 minutes or so. I left before the end of their set -- I was feeling pretty tired and I needed some dinner. I hope I didn't miss anything amazing.

There were a few new songs in their repertoire tonight. Christina Marrs said they would be recording a kid's album, and they did a couple of songs they were working on. They were really nice, although Sick, the fiddle player, did say that the song about getting rid of training wheels on a bike was really about kicking heroin.

As usual for their Austin shows, they had some old Spankers up on stage to play a song or two. Both Noah and Korey showed up for a song, and Guy Forsyth led the group in a Muddy Waters cover before doing a duet with Christina. My favorite song of the night was Wammo and Sick going at it in the country murder ballad/gangsta rap hybrid "Hick-Hop", but they did a really stomping "Aslyum Street Blues", and the medley of "My Favorite Record" had a few new bits.

While it wasn't ready to sell at the show, the group is now pre-selling copies of their DVD of last year's Spanker Re-Assembly, a 10-year anniversary of the group featuring almost every musician that's been a Spanker. I was at the late show for Re-Assembly, and it was pretty amazing; I've already placed my order.
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