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Evening with the Spankers
Earlier this evening, I saw most of the 8PM show of the Asylum Street Spankers. They were playing here in Austin before hitting a few more Texas towns, and then heading through the midwest.

The Saxon Pub was crowded. I didn't get there in time to get a seat, but I had part of a wall on lean on. The band played a 50 minute set, then took a break, coming out to play for another 50 minutes or so. I left before the end of their set -- I was feeling pretty tired and I needed some dinner. I hope I didn't miss anything amazing.

There were a few new songs in their repertoire tonight. Christina Marrs said they would be recording a kid's album, and they did a couple of songs they were working on. They were really nice, although Sick, the fiddle player, did say that the song about getting rid of training wheels on a bike was really about kicking heroin.

As usual for their Austin shows, they had some old Spankers up on stage to play a song or two. Both Noah and Korey showed up for a song, and Guy Forsyth led the group in a Muddy Waters cover before doing a duet with Christina. My favorite song of the night was Wammo and Sick going at it in the country murder ballad/gangsta rap hybrid "Hick-Hop", but they did a really stomping "Aslyum Street Blues", and the medley of "My Favorite Record" had a few new bits.

While it wasn't ready to sell at the show, the group is now pre-selling copies of their DVD of last year's Spanker Re-Assembly, a 10-year anniversary of the group featuring almost every musician that's been a Spanker. I was at the late show for Re-Assembly, and it was pretty amazing; I've already placed my order.
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Sorry I couldn't go - aka_imelda was celebrating her birthday last night. I played fashion consultant, puffed ginger-smelling glitter all over her, and picked out shoes. The getting ready is always the fun part. Whisky Bar then proceeded to be really loud with an iffy mix of music. The sacrifices we make for our friends.

No problem... they said they'd be doing Spanker gospel shows every Tuesday night in January. Of course, their gospel music is a little left of traditional gospel, and Christina did a great non-theistic "By and By" rendition last night.

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