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What I Learned Friday Night

Friday night was spent with friends seeing the Sinus Show guys take on all things Britney Spears in the movie Crossroads. By the end of the evening, my mouth hurt from laughing, and I learned a few interesting things:

  • The movie was directed by Tamara Davis who's done some of the coolest music videos of all time.
  • The movie was written by Shonda Rhimes, the creator of my fourth favorite medical show of all time, "Grey's Anatomy". (In case you're wondering, "Scrubs", "Chicago Hope", and "House").
  • For some reason, those two things didn't seem to help.
  • The director should have fired everyone responsible for keeping track of scene continuity.
  • Sinus guy John should work for UPS, as he certainly knows how to deliver a package. (Hint: he played the denim miniskirt-wearing Britney in the long skit near the end of the film).
  • If you're going to choke-to-near-death in the row in front of us, have your dad with you to save your life. It really makes a difference.
  • The Sinus guys are certainly at their best during their second or third run of doing a movie. Never go on their first week, but if they bring something back, it's likely to be good. (Supporting evidence: "Red Dawn", "Top Gun", and their Holiday Show)

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Damn, the continuity list almost makes me want to watcht the movie without Sinus just for the laughs. *Almost*

I've not seen Grey's Anatomy or House yet. I was originally told that Grey's Anatomy was going to be about nursing students, so I was disappointed enough not to watch it yet. I tried to watch Scrubs, found it not funny at all...think I need to rent it and watch it from the beginning. Chicago Hope I miss.

Did you get to see the Heimleich in action?

There was a nice moment in last week's "Grey's Anatomy" where the intern played by Sandra Oh keeps getting paged to handle really gross patient cases because she got one of the main nurses angry.

As for "Scrubs" -- it's not really about medicine, it's about how a group of friends deals with stress, their interpersonal relationships, and how they relate to authority figures, combined with funny flashbacks and silly slapstick. I think it's a pretty smart comedy, but I'd not say it's realistic medicine at all.

I didn't start watching "House" until late this summer. Hugh Laurie just plays such a pathetic but brilliant doctor, and it's always interesting to see how the layers of symptoms interact and often mislead. It's a neat puzzle of a show.

...and yes, I did get to see the dad do the Heimleich. There was a bit of a mess there in the row in front of us, but they got it cleaned up quickly.

I saw the preview for this week's House and it looks pretty interesting:)

I got to see Heimleich in action at a restaurant about a year ago. I thought it was cool. Such a simple and nearly always effective maneuver. Wish you could say that about CPR.

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