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Read the Lines

You just can't get away from advertising. It seems like companies want to invade every inch of our lives with their commercial messages. Today, I saw the latest battlefield in this war for our attention.

I'd stopped at the Howard Lane Home Depot to get a replacement garbage disposal to replace the one that had burnt out a few months ago. When getting out of my car, I looked down and saw the Maytag logo. All of the stripes in this section of the parking lot had been covered by plastic strips hawking dryers and credit cards.

I wanted to get angry, but I just looked at it and felt depressed. I'm sure some ad creative noticed that people always look down after leaving their cars to see how well they parked, and they could grab that little bit of attention for a moment.

I've got one idea, but it requires too much cooperation to work. If you parked badly, you'd cover up one of those stripes with your car. Then, if everyone parked badly, they all would be covered and they wouldn't work. I don't think that idea's going to catch on, but the next time I see those, I might just find another parking lot, preferably in front of another store.

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Wow. How annoying. I haven't seen that yet. Hopefully it's just a trial run and they'll decide it didn't work well. I wonder how well the plastic strips stay put?

The strips I looked at briefly had a little road dirt on them, but not enough to obscure the message. At least they were using a bright white background, so they still were visible as stripes in the evening.

Hmmm... I wonder if there's a city code about lot striping that these are violating. Gotta go search the Austin code.

I think that's a good idea, Ben. You're right, it's unlikely to catch on, but I think it's still a worthwhile effort. I'm going to park on the ad-stripe if I see one.

Man, that's just asking for a little anti-advertising action.

Forget parking on them. Gotta put a magic marker (tm) in my glove box.

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