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2005 LJ Friends Census
I was inspired this morning to put together some statistics on my LiveJournal friends. This is based on a sample of the 66 LJ friends I currently that are actual people. A few of those accounts are non-posting, but I included those if I actually know the person. I tried to be conservative in applying attributes, so some categories may be undercounted.

Female (32)
Male (35)

White (58)
Black (3)
South Asian (3)

Austin (33)
California (6)
Georgia (9)

Other Attributes:
Parent (4)
Film or Television (9)
Visual Arts (6)
Performer (6)
Technology Worker (21)
Academic (student or teacher) (7)
Have Met in Real Life (52)
Gamer (17)
Politics (9)
Vegetarian (6)
GLBT (9)

What does this mean? I can draw a few conclusions: I mostly use LiveJournal as a way of connecting with people I know, rather than as a method to make new friends. My friends tend to be like me, but there's a wide set of attributes that are represented here. Many of them are doing something creative with their lives, but not a lot of them have kids. A few are still connected with the university.

One thing the numbers don't say: I'm glad to be reading all of your journals. It certainly makes me feel more connected with the world to have your stories in my life.

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Yeah - keeping up on peoples journals is an awesome way to keep tabs on interesting friends who I don't get to see nearly often enough. Hurray for LJ!

outside the mainstream

arright! I've been feeling way too white-bread recently, so I'm glad I'm outside of SOMEONE's mainstream.

So... I'm living in VA, a parent, not affiliated with a university (this week), and not "doing someting creative". :)

Re: outside the mainstream

Oops... need to subtract one from "California", add one to "parent". :)

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