The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Happy Birthday, vernard!

Today marks another year for the jolly vernard... From time to time, he goes by "V", and I remember meeting him for the first time in January 1992. He was the TA for the self-selecting advanced section of Gus Baird's CS 1411 class. I remember doing a Curses-based menu manager as one of my projects, but when we were picking things to work on, he also suggested that we all go and look at this new thing, Linux, that had just started the previous year. So, I did that by printing out the entire contents of the Linux mailing list and reading it. (Printing large amounts of paper was a cheap was to use OIT computing resources back then.)

Quick V story: at one time, back when UUCP addressing still worked, he may have had the shortest email address on the net: v!gatech.

Over my four years at Georgia Tech, V and I became good friends, and we've kept that going over the years with me here in Austin. He's always been eager to throw a party when I visit, help plan my latest project, or just hang out. So, with all that history in mind, I raise my glass to Vernard and wish him well.
Tags: friends, personal history
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