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Good Podcasts for Thanksgiving Drives

Here are a few pointers to some podcasts that I've found to be really interesting in the last couple of months. Load up your MP3 player and enjoy your travels!

Bob Hanner at Pop!Tech 2005 - Bob talks about how we can use a specific gene sequence as a "barcode" to identify the species of an animal. He thinks that a combination of cheaper sequencing and better databases can help all of us become more "bio-literate" about the species that are around us, and that can lead to better conservation efforts.

David Borstein interview - David had an idea about "social entrepreneurs", a class of people that want to drive innovation in the civic sector, with the drive to get people to invest in the long-term future of their communities.

Brewster Kahle at SDForum - he talks about how the Internet Archive got started and the big problems they've been working on in their efforts to preserve all this ephemeral knowledge from the web and other media.

John Markoff at SDForum - talk about how personal computing really got started in the counterculture of 1960's California, especially around Stanford University. Part 2 of the talk is a Q&A with John and many of the people he profiled.

Episodes #12 and #13 of the Bobby Blackwolf Show - a video gaming podcast that featured a long interview with Curt Vendel, Atari historian and producer of the Atari Flashback 2.0 console -- a recreated Atari 2600 all-in-one unit that's just been released for the holiday season.
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