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Getting Stuff Done
The last week has been "Get Stuff Done" week for me and my home.

Saturday: pick up a replacement 1/2 HP garbage disposal for my kitchen sink; the original 1/3 HP disposal that came with the house had died during the summer. Also get fluorescent floods to replace the burnt-out incandescent floods in the track lighting over my never-used fireplace.

Wednesday: pick up replacement insert for back door that I'd ordered a few weeks ago

Thursday: with the help of tangoglenn, replaced the window insert in my back door. The outside plastic frame had warped in the sunlight and it was letting moisture into the insulation.

Friday: with the help of zen_elf, install the garbage disposal. This involved a trip to the hardware store to get a replacement drain pipe, plumber's putty, and Teflon tape, plus lots of cleaning of "fragrant" organic matter from the pipes. I also went and looked at couches at Eurway to replace my futon, and I'm really liking this sectional couch configured with two corners and two straight pieces.

zen_elf gave me an interesting idea about what to do with the old window insert, a sealed glass unit with an integral window shade and a magnet switch that opens and closed the blinds. His idea was to build a wood frame around the insert and turn it into a end table. I'll have to think about this one a while; it's a little ambitious for my own skills, and I don't know if I'd actually want to use it myself.

I'm also thinking about replacing the carpet downstairs with wood laminate flooring. My parents have some leftover material that I might be able to use, and Costco has a really good deal on new flooring. The carpet that's down there has some bad stains, and it's a mess to maintain. I'll wait until 2006 to do this, as I know I won't have time to work on this project until next year.
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Float glass (Window Inserts) =/= Safety Glass(Automobile windows and tabletops) - It's probably also way too thin to stand up to actual weight bearing, or temprature fluxes from hot plates and what-not.

If you're not going to use that table yourself, I wouldn't sell it to anybody else - at least not in such a way that they can come back and sue you once their kid is out of the hospital.

Isn't plumber's putty neat?

Very good point about the glass strength. I think that derails the idea sufficiently for me not to bother. :)

Yes, the putty is neat, but I think I like Teflon tape more. It's just long strips of gooey fun!

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