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This Is the Way The World Ends...
...not with a bang, but with a foil burrito wrapper. (Taken at the North IH-35 Freebirds)

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I like how the artist added the word "Doom" to the base, just in case someone mistook it for a flower.

What is the item to the lower right? A mutant squirrel? 'Cause you know that's all we'll have in Austin when the Bomb drops: mutant squirrels and Lovecraftian grackle birds.

Not entirely sure about the little blob... but I also took a picture of this foil drum kit on the same visit:

It's like some strange, space-age flower... getting ready to bloom.

Funny how The Bomb was a space-age flower, that bloomed. I'm glad of your roving eye, there, B.

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