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Get Shorty

I just finished reading the ebook version of Elmore Leonard's crime-and-Hollywood novel Get Shorty. I'd seen the film version back in 1996, and that influenced a lot of how I read the book; I didn't remember all the plot points, but my internal characterizations kept resembling the actors that played the part, especially John Travolta's Chilli Palmer. The book worked OK in the ebook form; I'd been reading it on-and-off for the last six months, but it wasn't hard to pick up where I'd left off. eReader, the program I use for books, has a mode where it automatically scrolls the text; while I like this in small doses, the brain really hooks into this mode sometimes, and when you stop the scrolling, for a moment you see all the text moving down on the page. It's not really moving down, but your eyes are compensating for the movement, and when it stops, there's a slight delay before you can just look at still things again.

I guess my next ebook adventure is Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver. I picked this one on sale a few months ago, but hadn't started it. I read that the author wrote this book entirely in long hand, in order to preserve the style of the 18th century; how ironic that I'll be consuming his words using 21st century technology.
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