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Earnest Radio
I've found a font of productivity: the "Indie Pop Rocks" channel on soma.fm. For some reason, I just tend to focus a lot better when I've got that kind of music distracting the parts of my mind that would normally tell me to switch over to the web browser window and look for neat things. They also have have low-bitrate MP3 streams that work well with PocketTunes over my Sprint Treo 650 for listening while walking. It sounds like my CD collection, but it's not all familiar, and that makes me happy too.
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Who are you using - and have they given you any warnings about streaming data?

Oh - and could you look at this? I'm almost certain it's a scam, but I was wondering what you thought.

I use Sprint. I've not had any issues with them, and their network seems to be setup for streaming since they're selling TV service. I only tend to do streaming audio late at night, but I've been a regular Pocket Tunes stream user for a couple of years now.

As for SyncMate -- never heard of them, and there's no enough information on their site for me to want to evalaute the software.

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