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Start of the Trip
Gate 13 at Austin Bergstrom is relatively absent of passengers this morning even though my flight to San Jose looked to be booked full. The cause of this emptiness is a really nasty auto accident that's holding up inbound traffic to the airport. I was lucky enough to see the jam from far enough away to take the alternate bridge over the Colorado River, but I still had to make my way through the chokepoint, a spot south of the bridges where a compact car was folded in half after hitting and knocking over a tall metal utility pole.

At the shuttle stop, my two fellow travellers had both already missed their flights. I'm glad I gave myself a 45 minute buffer; if I'd have gone on the other bridge, I may have missed my own flight.

I'm also still coughing today, my body trying to get rid of the last remnants of this cold that's had me for a week now. I'd really like for this to be over.

Oh well... In four hours, I'll be in California, playing catch up with a pile of tasks that proved to be more complicated than expected and figuring out what I can be commit to completing in the next holiday-filled month.

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Thanks! I'm still a bit off today, but I'm going to plow through this week.

I hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

Me too. I thought this cold was going to be over, but I'm still feeling poor today, and I had to be in an office too!

Yick. Yeah, I hear you - I've been at work with about a hundred kids between the ages of 1 1/2 and 5 for the past two weeks, sick. Much fun.

Feel better man. And thanks for coming to the show last week! It was awesome to have you along for the support, though I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out a little more. I had to be at work at six AM the following morning, so sleep was of the essence.

There's lots of stuff coming up kinda soon, including the Mr. Sinus Christmas Show. Holy shit was that funny last year, and I plan on making it a tradition.

If you're not busy on Thursday or Sunday nights, there's always room for ya at the comedy open mics! Not that they don't suck or anything, mind ya, it's just something to do if you're in the mood for bad comedy and overpriced drinks. I seem to be in that mood a lot these days...

I could probably make one of those... I'll be back in town for a week starting next Monday, so I might try for a week-from-Thursday.

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