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International Dining

My cold has stayed at a constantly annoying level for day two of my California trip. While it's been hard to breath and I'm quite snotty, it's actually been a fun trip so far. Here's some good things:

  • Having a cube to myself at work that's in the middle of my group, instead of having to sit far away because of office overcrowding
  • Being the innocent bystander with missiles flying over my head when the finger rocket war breaks out (usually around 3:30PM)
  • Having a comfy suite at the St. Vincent Arms apartments instead of a crappy room at the "Comfort" Inn
  • Eating Afghan cuisine with friends for the first time (great spinach and cauliflower dishes!)
  • Eating Middle Eastern food with other friends tonight at the wonderful Dishdash
  • Being able to demonstrate several new features from my secret project tomorrow to interested internal observers
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It's so nice to take pleasure in simple things. I'm glad you're having fun. Sorry about the cold, though!

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