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The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

A Weekend in Cary

I'm downstairs at the Patisaul house writing a quick entry before we head off to the airport, sending me on a brief trip through Chicago back to Austin. Charlie and Heather and their two cute kids Bryce and Sarah live in Cary, North Carolina, a rapidly growing suburb near the Research Triangle. I went to GaTech with Charlie, and they've been married for eight years. Since I met Charlie back in 1991, I've seen him live in nine different places, and I've probably been a guest at all but one of those.

I got in just after noon on Saturday and was met at the airport by the whole clan. We had a nice lunch at The Loop, a pizza/burger/salad place near their house, then I got to see their house, although not before seeing one of the newer neighborhoods in the area that appeared to suffer from small-lotitis and had really nice houses marred with fake doors guarding access to tiny front porches. Later that afternoon, Charlie took me and the kids out in his Mini Cooper S for some extreme driving. Dinner was homemade lasagna, combined with video gaming with Bryce and card gaming with the adults.

On Sunday, we took a trip up to Raleigh to see the state capital which had been decorated for Christmas. The house and senate rooms in the capitol hadn't been used for meetings since 1961, but the governor's office was in-use. They had a restored library and geologist office that was viewable by the public. After that, we went to the history museum where I got to see a replica of the Wright flyer and one of Richard Petty's race cars, and then had a snack next door at the natural histoy museum which featured a dry rainforest room with a sloth and lots of butterflies. The evening was finshed off with Middle Eastern food and good conversation.
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