The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Most Painful Video Game Ever

Last night, I finally picked up a couple of Nintendo GameCube games to go with the bongo controller I'd gotten on clearance at Target back in October. Specifically, I picked up "Donkey Konga" and "Donkey Kong Jungle Beat". The first is a music game where you play along to various songs, while the second is a platformer game where the drum beats control your motion on the screen.

I like both games, but after a half hour of play, I started getting a sharp pain in my left hand, and it's still there in a much dulled version four hours later. The big problem with the games isn't the drums; I found that motion to be fairly easy. It's the clapping. In the games, clapping at the right moment is an essential part of play -- they are part of the rhythm for Donkey Konga, and they're used to activate combos and defeat bosses in Jungle Beat. I think I made an early mistake of clapping too hard; I later learned that the microphone was pretty sensitive, and I only needed a soft clap to activate the games. However, by that time I was already aching.

Grrr. I'll probably try them again after I've given my hands some rest, but if this keeps up, the bongo drum and games are going to be put up for sale to someone who can appreciate them without hurting.
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