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A Simple Grammatical Request
Maybe I'm totally out of line here, but could U2 record a version of their song with the line "I still haven't found that for which I look" and see if it flows OK?
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It's probably that Irish vs. English thing....

From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put!


... you know what Ben..? *starts wagging a finger at you*

.. *throws her hands up in the air* nevermind.. roflrofl

and, drat you, now I have the song running through my head with that line trying to take over!

this post was funny. i laughed.
my $0.02 is that the direct translation would probably read, "i still haven't found that for which i'm looking."

Ah don't get me started. Have you heard Neil Diamond's Play Me?

The song she sang to me
The love she brang to me

Aaaaaaagh! It's enough to make a music store clerk go mad.

Um, if it's in the Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary as a past tense of bring, it's okay by me.

(My need to post this may have something to do with a crush I had on Neil Diamond when I was seven.)

John Mellencamp "the place from where it is that I come from"

Better to end on a preposition than double it. And "brang"! One of my students recently conguated the past tense of "seek" as "sook." So, let's just all be happy that not many of the chillins want to be song writers.

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