The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Coinstar Surprise

Yesterday afternoon, I was in a reverse casino for a few minutes. I was dropping piles of coins into a machine (as opposed to getting piles of coins myself). I brought two big containers of change to the Albertson's grocery store up at Anderson Mill and I turned them into something useful.

According to my Coinstar receipt: 1 dollar, 0 half-dollars, 1 quarter, 665 dimes, 411 nickels, and 2795 pennies.

I'd not wanted to use the machine in the past because of the 9% counting fee they charge. However, I'd noticed that they had a new program where the fee is waived if you cash out with a gift certificate to a partner company or a charitable donation. Since I had a few family members who had passed on Amazon wishlists to me, I got myself credit there, and I've already used it to order stuff that will be sent to my parent's house.

Now, you don't have piles of change around every day -- in my case, that's about eight years of accumulation. But if you do, this is a good way to turn it into a more useful form, especially if your bank doesn't provide coin counting services (my credit union doesn't, alas).
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