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Loving and Loot

There's something nice about Christmas gifts. Your family tries to find things that you'll enjoy, that will make your life better, and that you'd probably not have gotten for yourself.

My sister got lots of Muppet stuff this year, including box sets of "The Muppet Show" and "Fraggle Rock", a set of miniature Muppet doctors, some books about Jim Henson, and a Miss Piggy motorcycle figurine. She also got a pile of silicone cookware, a Treo case, and some financial help with her grad school tuition.

My dad's gifts were across the board: a 1GB flash drive, a Corvette DVD, vibrating slippers, a sweater, and a cool-to-the-touch tabletop fryer. Mom got a new trackball, a fleece jacket, pajama pants, a roasting oven, and a couple more Nativity sets. I got both parents TerraPass stickers for their cars to offset their CO2 emissions.

My aunt Kaye mainly got DVDs and some gadgets from her wish list, but I did get her a big squishy penguin to go with one of her movies. She wasn't able to join us on Christmas Eve because of work, so we caught up with her in the morning on her way back from her job at the hospital.

I received a few interesting things. My big present from my parents was a new sports coat along with matching sweater and slacks. The whole outfit looks pretty snazzy, but I need to get some non-leather dress shoes to complete it. I'll also need to get some hemming done on the alternate slacks I got with it. My sister gave me an IOU for a set of homemade "Good Eats" DVDs that she'll provide once her DVD writer is fixed. She also gave me a coat rack for my foyer and a storage box from IKEA. I also got a hand-cranked shortwave radio, a bunch of books, and a computer toolkit.

I also got taken to a couple of movies -- on Christmas Eve, I saw "The Family Stone" with Dad and sis, and earlier today I saw "Rumor Has It" with Aunt Kaye and sis. I liked both films, but neither was great. "Rumor Has It" had a more interesting plot, but parts of it were a bit slow. "The Family Stone" was a bit hackneyed, with too much of it getting tied up neatly at the end. Alas, there wasn't much else playing at the theater of interest to my family group.

I'm glad to have had the chance to spend a bit more time with my family over the last week. I'm off to Atlanta on Monday afternoon where I should be able to see a few friends, then I fly back to Austin on Thursday. It's going to be a little hectic, but it's worth it to share some time with everyone.
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