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Fun Deep South Fact of the Day
In the metro Atlanta area, the Winn-Dixie grocery store chain operated under the name SaveRite to avoid offending black customers. In the rest of the state, they kept their original name. BTW, they are currently bankrupt with many of their stores closed.

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Is that because of the name, or because of the economic conditions of Georgia in general?

(Digs) Winn-Dixie (After cutting 326 stores in June) has 587 stores in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, and the Bahamas -

Wal-Mart has - (Thanks, Walmartfacts.com!) Florida(227), Alabama(105), Louisiana(99), Georgia(135), Mississippi(74) - 640, not counting the Bahamas, if they have any there.

That's a lot of stores, even if you don't count Publix, the other competetor in the sector - or the so-called 'Wal*Mart effect'.

Actually, they changed their name and store layout to SaveRite in an attempt to not go bankrupt. The new SaveRite stores were supposed to be similar to Costco/Sams Club. I can't speak for all of them, but the ones in Decatur were pretty crappy.

(see Wikipedia entry for SaveRite)

Ah... I got my information from my sister, but I think the Wikipedia article is more authoritative.

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