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Stress and Cookery
I've not been writing much lately. My job has been taking up most of my creative energy, with several long sessions with the laptop and the new couch since I returned from California. We're making good progress, but there are several deadlines coming in the near future and so many different things to juggle. I'm making an effort to manage the stress level, mainly through walks in the evening and working at different locations during the day, but I fear it will just keep going up as we get closer to ship time.

I'm really looking forward to this year's SXSW conference. Last year, I really enjoyed all three festivals; I hope to repeat that this year, seeing a good chunk of the sessions in the interactive fest, going to a bunch of films, and hearing some great music. It looks like I'll have a few friends to attend things with, and I'm also taking vacation so I won't have to worry about work while the festival is running (although I probably still will).

My reorganized kitchen has been the site of several experiments. I'm quite happy with my new-found talent at making refrigerator pickles, especially using the 3/$3 English cucumbers from Costco. I'm finding myself really enjoying the process of peeling vegetables. Less successful was my attempt to make tabouleh from a mix -- I found that the olive oil I used had been rancid for a while, so I had to throw everything out. In the middle was "veggie sausage helper", a ingredient mash-up that was slightly edible; however, it made for an interesting conversation with zen_elf which led to a much better and fresher recipe that I'll have to try out soon. I think I'll try some blender experiments this weekend, perhaps of the gazpacho variety.

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Right so, if you're out walking with left overs, feel free to drop by =) Ok ok, even if you're not bearing food, drop by and Byron (the four-legger) and I will go walking with you!! And I have some Good cookbooks I'd love a second opinion on.

Doing some cooperative walking sounds like fun. I'll give you some warning before dropping in -- I usually like to go out around 9PM, but could walk earlier sometime.

Oh. Wow. 3/$3 cukes. Mmmm. I've been using them for tzatziki with greek yogurt lately but sometimes the cucumbers don't last long enough to go in the bowl.
Glad you're getting to take walking breaks!

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