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...some games of note
Oh, so I've also been playing some video games lately...

Oasis is a strategy game that's best described as "5-minute Civilization". Very addictive and quite worth the $20 registration fee. It was named Game of the Year for 2005 by the GameTunnel indie-gaming site.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was a Game Boy Advance game that I got at a Toys 'R' Us clearance last year. When I first started playing with it, I found it to be pretty dull, but I picked it up again a few nights ago and have started enjoying it. The game is about elaborate missions where you pick a set of your characters to do turn-based combat against monsters and foes. At first, it seems like there are too many variables to manage in setting up your party, but once you realize that you're getting plenty of money to buy new equipment and that you need to let characters stick with a class for a while in order to master skills, it starts to be more manageable.

Jak II is frustrating, but it looks gorgeous in widescreen and it's got some really funny moments while being more substantial than the first Jak & Daxter game. The platforming and shooting sections are really good, but the in-game races have the most appeal. It is hard to not throw your controller across the room during the tenth time you just barely miss finishing before time runs out, but that does make the one time you do complete it so much sweeter. I don't like the large amounts of travel you have to do to go from mission to mission, but the intense game play makes up for those deficiencies.

Sitting near the top of my "to be played" queue: Psychonauts (PS2), The Movies (PC), Civilization IV (now with patches, PC), EyeToy: Antigrav (PS2), and Sly Cooper (PS2).

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Jak II took me a REALLY long time to finish - On the order of months. I usually made the trips between stuff more fun by just nailing the accelerator and trying to keep the ship in one piece till' destination. Or playing one of the challenges on the way to where I was going.

I'd suggest bumping Sly up - It's a really great game - Me and Lipitor just finished Sly II, as well - Which has more variety, but is a little poorly crafted IMO.

I saw that Sly 3 got platformer of the year from X-Play, so that makes me a bit more interested in the series. So many fun games to play, so little time to play them!

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