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Wendy's Gets the Math Wrong
Watching tonight's recording of "Battlestar Galactica", I noticed a new Wendy's ad where they use their menu items as units of currency to emphasize their $0.99 value menu. It's not very memorable, but my brain went "huh" during the last scene. A husband and wife are getting dressed to go out, and she asks how she looks. He replies, "Like a million crispy chicken nuggets." Assuming that an $1 order of nuggets includes four to five pieces, the husband just devalued her to the vicinity of $240,000. That's probably not a smart move for long-term happiness.

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Dude! I made that exact same observation the first time I saw that! I obsessed aout it for 15 minutes or so until my girfriend was like, "Ok, Danny, shut up or I'll smack you!"

Oh, BTW, I'm Daniel Taraschke. We both went to Northwest at the same time. Pleased to meet ya!

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