The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
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Free Science Fiction

I'm a frequent customer at Fictionwise, my favorite online e-book store. They both sell complete books as well as shorter works. I love being about to play a dollar for a cool short story, and having plenty of reading material around on my Treo 650 has been really useful at times. Last fall, I let my paper subscriptions to Analog and Asimov's lapse, instead renewing them as e-subscriptions through Fictionwise. I don't get all the neat artwork or the ads, but they're so much easier to carry around and I don't lose my place if I'm reading while having lunch.

Each year, Fictionwise has done a promotion where most of the short fiction on the Nebula ballot has been available for free download from their site. They're doing it again for the 2006 nominees. Once you've added the books to your cart and checked out, they're available on your "bookshelf" for as long as you have your account, and can be downloaded in PDF format, as well as a bunch of formats for mobile devices. I usually use eReader Pro for reading on my Treo, although the software could use some adjustments to work better with the Treo's five-way navigation.
Tags: books, technology, useful tip
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