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Homemade Salsa
I've been getting into cooking lately. Actually, I'm not so much into cooking as I'm into cutting, dicing, peeling, and chopping. Doing violence to vegetables is such a lovely thing. First, there's the whole fridge pickle kick that I've been on since mid-January, and now I've discovered how easy it is to make homemade salsa. My first batch features one white onion, three Roma tomatoes, one large green bell pepper, six cloves of garlic, the juice of two small limes, a splash of vinegar, a dash of Louisiana hot sauce, some salt and freshly-ground pepper. I chopped all of this up and put it in a dish to sit in my fridge for several hours, then used my handy chopper to do the final blend for an individual serving. I tried it earlier without the blend, but it was a bit too chunky. Of course, this is a very mild salsa. I didn't have any strong peppers around to add to the mix, although there's sufficient volume remaining to do some experiments after a visit to the local grocery store.

I guess all those episodes of "Good Eats" are finally having an effect on me.

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Home made salsa is one of the greatest things ever. Especially since store bought salsa usually takes about as exciting as the package it comes in.

Mmmmm. Homemade salsa. If you happen to have one (or more) lying around, yellow, orange and/or red peppers work really well in the mix. I love how much garlic you put in! (N.B., I'm 1000 miles away.)

I don't have those peppers right now, but Costco has some great tri-color bags of bell peppers that I might have to pick up now.

Oh! That should be worth it! I make a mild salsa that is diced red, orange, and yellow peppers, sweet onion, a couple of (Roma) tomatoes, salt and pepper and lime juice. I keep it chunky rather than pureeing it. I should go find some salsa...

Do you have Alton's books? They are awesome!

I've got an signed copy of his first book, but I've not yet picked up the other two. I got it signed on Alton's first book tour visit to Austin -- "Et tu, tofu! -- Alton"

Doing violence to vegetables is such a lovely thing.

wow. I like you even more than I already did;)

Ahhh, shucks. You know, that might be a good slogan for a t-shirt, although it's probably not the best thing to wear while on hospital rounds :)

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