The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Not So Rewarding

My hotel room on this trip is quite bad. Because the airfare was more expensive this time, I booked myself at the $50/night place, instead of the usual $75/night place that I've gotten, just to try to even out my expenses.

First problem: the room is noisy. It's a motel with two floors. I'm at the corner of the building on the first floor. I can hear everything happening in the room above, and a lot of what's happening in the adjacent room. The stairs are right outside my door, so I get lots of conversations and luggage movement.

Second problem: shampoo in a packet, like ketchup. Did they accumulate these from magazine subscriptions? Luckily, I've got a surplus of little shampoos from other places in my travel kit.

Third problem: a radio that might be able to pick up the NPR station under the right circumstances, but only seems to get Spanish pop music when places on the table of my room. I think I'll stick to podcasts.

Fourth problem: what wireless network? Expedia said there was one.

Fifth problem: isn't there supposed to be a smoke detector plugged into that socket on the wall?

Sixth problem: what are those dangling wires near the ceiling in the front of the room?

Seventh problem: is that a burn mark from an iron embedded in the carpet in front of the sink? I guess that explains why there's no iron now, and maybe why

While unpacking on Monday night, I see a card on the table about their frequent guest program, and the thought of getting a free night here after nine paid nights seems like a disincentive to stick around rather than a good marketing move.
Tags: humor, travel
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