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A Trailer Darkly
A new and much, much improved trailer for "A Scanner Darkly" has been posted on Warner Independent's site. I'm so excited about this movie now that I've gotten a better feel for its visual look. Wow. Thanks to Georgia Tech classmate and "Dazed and Confused" star Wiley Wiggins for the tip.

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Wow. That looks like a so much more interesting use of Linklater's weird rotoscopothingy, and like it might actually be a... good PKD movie. Fingers crossed!

Funny how Keanu Reaves looks weirdly out of place in it, though. Every time I see his face, it takes me out of this weird semi-cartoony world and into "WHOA KEANU REAVES OMG LOLZ". I'm just sayin'.

Can't fucking wait for this... I'm huge Dick fan. Now I just have to read this book.

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