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Do Stuff: The Asylum Street Spankers
Hello, dear friends! Austin's own Asylum Street Spankers are playing a DVD release show this Friday night down at Ruta Maya Coffeehouse on South Congress. This is a special "Reassembly" show featuring former Spankers Guy Forsyth, Stanley Smith, Pops Bayless, Mysterious John, and Korey Simeone, as well as all of the current crew. I expect this is going to be loads of fun. I'm certainly going, and if anyone wants come along, let me know. The gig starts at 8PM with Matt the Electrician opening, but I'm probably going to head down early to hang out and get a good seat.
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I saw this DVD just a few weeks back. It's a blending of the two shows they did in late 2004. I was there for one of those shows and everything is captured on the DVD. It's like 3 hours long!

Heah, I got the DVD set back in early December. It's a great performance -- I was at the later of the two big reassembly shows, and while I was stuck at the end of one of the rows next to the wall, I had a really great time.

Dang! This Friday, as in, tomorrow? (Or today, I guess). Hmm. I'm definitely tempted. I just bought the DVD and would love to see that stuff live. :)

Yep, it's today. Would love to see you there if you can make it.

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