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Do Stuff: Violet Crown Radio Players
I'm planning on going to the Friday night show of the Violet Crown Radio Players, a group that does live-on-stage "radio" productions. I saw them do a really neat version of King Kong back in December, and they're back with Molly McCoy in... THE SKY PIRATES! The way they do sound effects is really inventive, and I loved their sponsor spots for products that I don't think anyone would actually want to get.

The show's at 8PM and will probably be a little under two hours. It's down at the Hideout at 6th and Congress Avenue.

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Technically, it's closer to 7th than 6th. *grin*

I look forward to seeing you there! I think this show's pretty good - I get to sing one of the commercial jingles, too (it's one I wrote!)


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