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SXSW 2006 Schedule is Live
SXSW 2006 schedule screenshot

With a few days to go before the start of the film and interactive conferences, we've just put our first public build of the SXSW 2006 application online. You can download it at http://2006.sxsw.com/toolbox/schedules/pda/. This year's code was developed both on my Treo 650 and on a loaner Treo 700w device, where I ran the code using StyleTap, a utility that lets you run Palm OS programs on Windows Mobile. I got lots of assistance from both Patrick Sullivan, who did graphics and database work, and lizardprincess, who scoured the program and data for bugs and glitches.

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Very cool -- I just downloaded. One nit, though -- it insists on turning on the soft writing area on my TX, and really, I'd like to use that whole space for browsing the list. /onesingletearfalls

Yeah, since my primary targets for the app are Treo users, it wasn't worth the time or potential bugs to add support for the dynamic input area. That's one of those dark corners of the Palm OS API where the implementation isn't very good, and there are different quirks on different devices.

Hi, this is Barnaby from Spain. I used the PDA scehdule on a windows mobile phone last year at SXSW and it was excellent, but this year I have a Nokia e61 running the s60 operating system. Is there no way I can use your PDA schedule this year???? Tell me I'm wrong! Thanks

I'm sorry, I don't know of any way to run Palm OS applications on a Symbian device. Maybe you'd like to take advantage of your trip to the US to get a nice unlocked Treo 680. :)

Thanks Ben, I think I'll take my trusty old Tungsten T3... I movved to Nokia/Symbian because I wanted a smartphone that was a phone first and PDA second...I ran into too many problems with Windows Mobile. I can handle it if my PC stalls every now but I really can't have my Cell Phone freeze on me while opening applications or making a call. By the time I had it reset, it was often too late to make or continue that important call!! Although I admit I never did try a Treo :-)

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