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Oscar Party Recap

Well, I've gotten everything cleaned up and back in place after a pretty successful Academy Awards party here at Chez Ben. This year, I had eight guests, including local film stars poyboy and senorjacob, taking a break from finishing up their new film "The Cassidy Kids" for its premiere at SXSW. Also in the audience was Bryan's friend Kim, his sister astraether and her boyfriend sentientkhan, my friends Patrick and Tiffany, and Tiff's friend Davide.

The show itself wasn't as exciting as ones in the past. Jon Stewart had a lot of funny moments, but it didn't seem like he was winning over the crowd in the Kodak theater. We didn't like the use of music during all of the speeches, but it did seem that no one went too long this year. Cheers to having the pimp song win for "Hustle and Flow", and it was fun seeing George Clooney mug through his one award. Kim had the record for the most correct predictions with 16 correct answers, including being the only guest who thought "Crash" was going to win best picture.

The food at the party went over well. I made chipotle black bean dip, fridge pickles, and pesto toast rounds with tomato and feta cheese. Davide brought some other more traditional bruschettas, Astra brought vegetables and dip, and the Sullivans provided some nice cheese cubes and chips.

In all, it was about the right size for my place -- I could have handled a couple more, but that would have been it The vibe was nice and low-key, and I hope everyone had a good time. I'll have to come up with a good reason to invite people over again later in the Spring.
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