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Responsibility of my Delegation
Flopsie the Democratic Donkey
This evening, I walked across Brigadoon Lane to the elementary school and joined a dozen other Democrats in the Precinct 259 convention held after the primary election. It was fun; the precinct chair has been doing the job for over a decade and seems to have the drill down, but also is very personable and friendly. We started at 7:15 and immediately recessed until 7:45 to allow more time for people to join us. I volunteered to be the recording secretary for the meeting, so I got to fill in the boilerplate meeting minutes. This precinct had a lot of Democratic voters in the last gubernatorial election, so we get to send 24 delegates to the Travis County meeting on March 25th. That meant anyone there who wanted to go was elected to the team, and that was most of the room.

We also got to vote on a variety of proposed resolutions. My group was pretty liberal, so we voted in most of the proposed language. We skipped consideration of the two abortion-related issues; one had language that felt anti-choice, and the other didn't have enough common ground for the group. We also added a 13th resolution urging the Democratic Party to start impeachment hearings on a certain president and vice-president :)

Oh, I won a donkey. A stuffed plush donkey, to be exact. It was a door prize, and the other attendees moved to award me the toy to thank me for taking the minutes, and I couldn't really refuse. I'll have to find a use for it in my future political activities.

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Congrats for having a much larger turnout than my district.

It's interesting that we also skipped some of the abortion-related issues, for the same reasons. But we added an affordable housing measure (and something I can't recall now) instead of impeachment.

Comments about Maxey were that there was general support for him from the folks in the room but fear that East/West Texan voters would react poorly to his "lifestyle" (Brokeback isn't fully part of our culture yet). Don't know much about the others running for the head of the party.

See you at the county convention.

We didn't talk about Maxey at all at our group -- it was just a very organized run through the agenda, and all the discussion was on-topic.

So where were you for the GA Tech College Democrats, oi? If I'd've known you were seriously so inclined, I'd've shanghaid you ;)

Unfortunately now I'm only up for very very local politics - homeowners assn. and school board sorta things. Hazards of wife and three kids, and good office politics as a Federal employee - partisan politics is... discouraged. Running on a party ticket violates terms of employment.

I was a member of the GaTech College Dems my freshman year -- I went with them to the MLK Parade and helped hand out Tsongas literature :) After that... lets just say that classwork took over for a while.

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