The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
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SXSW: XML and Blogging Naked Panels

The first panel this morning was "Looking for XML in All the Wrong Places", a discussion about where XML works and where it doesn't. It was rather technical, and it took a while for the moderator to match the questions with the expectations of the audience. I got a few ideas for my own XML project about small things I could change to make our format more robust, but my main questions about localization and validation weren't really addressed.

After that, I met up with lizardprincess for "We Got Naked, Now What?", a BlogHer-sponsored panel about the issues with writing personal blogs while being employed. They had taken some surveys and found that about half of the personal bloggers didn't talk about their relationships and sex life online, while more than 3/4ths of them didn't discuss money issues. One panelist, a former adjunct professor at SMU, had a great story about how her anonymous blog about college life brought her a lot of praise, but ultimately resulted in her losing her teaching position. There were a few hostile responses, IMO, but there were still a lot of good voices both on stage and in the audience, and we're certainly moving into a world where employers will have to tolerate their employees merging of their personal and professional lives.
Tags: blogging, sxsw 2006, technology
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