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SXSW: Jason Kottke and Heather 'Dooce' Armstrong
This is the keynote, a conversation between two very popular bloggers. At first, I was interested, but I'm bored now and have been bored for the last 20 minutes. Sorry.

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Bloggers = not always the best conversationalists/speakers.

The talk was kinda cultish... if you weren't part of their personal cults of personality and love them, you didn't have enough context to make the talk really interesting.

Really? Damn. I was gonna go try to see "Dooce" at Halcyon today, since she said she'd be there around noon-ish to greet all the badgeless folks who couldn't get into the panel. I'll go anyway, and keep my fingers crossed.

She seems nice, and it would be worth hearing her talk... my big problem was that much of what they talked about wasn't of interest to non-fans.

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