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SXSW: The Cassidy Kids

Bryan and Jake on stage for the Q&AMy friends Bryan and Jake had their world premiere of their new film "The Cassidy Kids" last night, with a virtual sell-out of the Paramount Theater. I was there in the third row with my friends Patrick and Tiffany and two of the film's writers, Tasca Shadix and Tom Willett; behind me were Charlie Sotelo and Cassie (from "The Show With No Name") and Dan Brown ("Rollergirls" TV show).

The film seemed to be received well. This was my third viewing of it, but I was really happy with the the edits since the previous versions. The timeline was clearer, and I liked the new footage of Kadeem Harrison's character, Dennis, which I'd not seen in the previous versions. I think it's an effective film, one that tries to juggle lots of things and mostly succeeds.

After the screening was the party at Kharma Lounge; I went by to say hello to a few people, but it was very crowded, and after about twenty minutes, I needed to leave. I did get to spend more time with the filmmakers this morning for the panel on the making of the film. It's a really unique production, the second feature by UT's Burnt Orange Productions. They've got a model where they make narrative feature films and get UT students to work as crew members, earning real-world experience. All the cast said that the UT students made up for inexperience with their energy and excitement.
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