The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

SXSW: Reel Shorts

My day at SXSW was shorter than usual. I got to one panel, then hit the Alamo South Lamar to catch the two Reel Shorts programs before heading to 20x2. Unfortunately, something I had to eat didn't agree with me, and while I left the parking lot heading to 20x2, by the time I got up Lamar to Riverside, I'd decided to head on to home instead.

The short films are always a mixed bag, but there were several that stood out. In the first series, I really liked "Follow Me", the story of a stalker of a stalker and "K-7", a job interview that becomes a lot more serious. "Viva, Morrisey" was also interesting, showing a LA Latino subculture devoted to the singer with their own Spanish-language "Smiths" cover band. In the second run, the outstanding entry was "Nevel is the Devil", a long skit about a really, really bad boss with some surreal moments. I also liked "24Hrs in LA", which had a British reporter telling his story about meeting LA gang members using photographs and a glass window.

I think I'll be OK the next time I wake up. For me, Tuesday is all about the last day of interactive panels and the closing night film party featuring Sleater-Kinney.
Tags: movies, sxsw 2006
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