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SXSW: Closing Party for Film Fest

Sleater-Kinney on stageSXSW's Film Fest had it's closing night party this evening out at a former produce warehouse on east 6th. The night are was crisp and while there were lots of people, it didn't feel too crowded. The highlight of the party for me was a long performance by Portland, Oregon rockers Sleater-Kinney, one of my favorite rock bands. They went on stage about 10:30 and played for almost two hours, playing mostly tracks from their two most recent albums "The Woods" and "One Beat". The stage area was small and intimate with room for about ten rows of fans, but there was a video camera broadcasting close-ups of the band onto a screen in the other half of the party area. The sound was VERY loud; while out on the deck, it was a bit too bass heavy, but up close to the band it sounded great. I got to get up close for their performance of "Step Aside", standing just behind the BlogHer panelist Liz Henry. I also spotted indie film guru John Pierson and his wife Janet in the crowd enjoying the show. Other highlights include "Get Up", "One Beat", "Jumpers", "Entertain", and "The One", and the encore set ended with Corrine belting out a great cover of Glen Danzig's "Mother" which blended into a raucous "Dig Me Out".

I'm hoping someone posts a good audience recording of the set. It was a far more intimate show that the Variety Playhouse set I saw last June, and much more fun than last year's chilly SXSW showcase. Hopefully, I'll get to see a few more outstanding musical acts before SXSW is over on Sunday.
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