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Idea for a Coffeehouse...
...or a coffeehouse-based sitcom: "Fashionably Latte".

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Wasn't Friends set largely in a coffeehouse? Central Perk? Why the hell do I know that? I've watched maybe four episodes.

Though I think they need more sitcoms with highly, highly overcafinated characters: Maybe with the popularity of comics growing they could option Too Much Coffee Man.

Back in 2000 I came up with that very coffee shop name: "Fashionably Latte." Arrgh! Stealer!

Earlier than that, I thought of how the coffee shop Dolce Vita was possibly based on a Fellini title. So I thought, how about a few other kinds of stores with Fellini movie names?

Like, a perfumery: ROMA (or, 'ROMA, with an apostrophe)

A liqour store: Juliet of the Spirits

A shoe store: 8 1/2

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