December 15th, 2003


The Show With No Name #258: Wolverines!

Well, we took a few toy gun props, a few lame jokes about the capture of Saddam, and a middling bunch of clips and did another TV show last night. In all, it was fairly low energy, but there were high points. I won the intro pitch, and we went with Cinco singing "Spiderhole, spiderhole, live in there / like a mole", which would have worked a lot better if we'd gotten the graphics on the screen in time. I've got to get a control room checklist written and distributed to make sure we check and set everything and don't make silly mistakes. The movie trailer was "Red Dawn", an appropriate, newsworthy choice, and we followed up with Hunter S. Thompson shooting guns with Conan O'Brian, a SWNN classic. Due to Ozzy Osbourne's ATV accident, we showed a clip of him performing on a New York public access show from the 1970's, wearing a homemade Ozzy t-shirt, prompting us to one-up him with our own improvised "Cinco" shirt. The dud clip of the night was a very long appearance by Jay Leno on Letterman's show around 1986. Leno looked a whole lot younger, but that didn't make his material any fresher. The outro was the disturbing girl-being-hit-by-pie-repeatedly clip from our Alamo show.

On reviewing the show, we saw that it suffered from the white flash glitches that have been plaguing us for a few months. Those seem to be introduced between the ACAC studios and the cable headends; the access technical guys can't figure it out. The problem seriously affects my Tivo's recording of the show, usually causing the video levels to be miscalibrated for the rest of the recording and making the file useless. It also just looks bad, and causes the audio to cut out. If only we had a budget that wasn't measured in the dozens of dollars.

#259 is next week, then we're off until 2004. I'm going to be off in Georgia that night, so expect it to be a really good show.