December 27th, 2003


South By Bed Rest

While I'd originally intended on jaunting to Atlanta for the annual 3rd Day of Christmas YAK party, I think I'm skipping it this year, preferring to recuperate a little longer at my parent's house. This finally gives me the opportunity to work on the South by Southwest schedule for 2004. I've just spent an hour reworking the program resources into a new format that's easier to edit, and I'm about to tackle the problem of efficiently navigating in the program using my Treo 600. While the phone has a same kind of five-way navigator that the Palm Tungsten T had last year, most applications use it a bit differently so I need to study how to use it fully. After getting this done, my next task will be seeing how I can support wide and tall screens, and then I'll be adding code to let us launch web browsers from the detail screens.

I watched the movie Just Married last night with my family. It was a slight film; it has cuteness and some good laughs, but they weren't big enough to hide the slow spots. The producers had a good concept, and it might have worked if they had taken the whole "honeymoon disaster" concept further, like a "National Lampoon's Honeymoon Vacation".


All afternoon and evening I've been feeling very restless. I'm a little tired of being stuck here in Dalton, but I don't have enough energy to go an do anything about it. I've run out of things to talk about with my parents. I'm really tired of seeing episodes of "Trading Spaces" (my sister's obsession). I'm not able to concentrate on any work, and I keep coughing even though I've not got much left to cough up. I miss Tivo. I miss the Alamo Drafthouse. I keep going back to the same websites, looking for new posts and something to distract me. I've read Slashdot fifteen times today. I've posted answers to "stupid user" questions on the TapWave developer forums. I've even contemplated checking my email account at work again.

My sister headed to Atlanta earlier this afternoon after a late lunch/early dinner at Dalton's Cracker Barrel restaurant. The menu had been updated since my last visit; it now notes that several of their vegetable sides are not "strictly vegetarian". For example, the green beans, pinto beans, and hash brown casserole are all prepared in the "traditional Southern style".

Maybe this will all pass in my sleep tonight and I'll wake up feeling OK again. I know things will be better; the trend has been good, but this "almost OK" phase just feels worse than "definitely not OK" since its so indefinite.
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