January 10th, 2004


We're on Tivo

I just checked the Austin Music Network listings on my TiVo, and 7PM tonight lists "The Show With No Name". Finally, the TV show gets its own listing that people could add to a season pass. There's no description for the show, so we'll have to get that rectified. I'm not sure that they'd want to include all of our show titles; some of them can be a little off-color, and children might we reading the TV listings. People might be confused to see "#254: Vladimir Poontang" on their wish lists.

Nerd Test

Apparently, popular LJ filler is doing online tests and posting them for everyone to see. I just took a "nerd test", and surprise, I'm a nerd. I actually missed a lot of the questions, as I'm not too familiar with the popular online games, and I not too interested in most fantasy series. Still, according to the test's key, 50% is still high enough to qualify you as a major nerd.

50% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?
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