February 9th, 2004



Show With No Name #264 is in the can. We did a Valentine's Day themed episode tonight, but like all comedy-oriented programs, we had to spend a couple of segments on the "Miss Jackson, Aren't You Nasty" affair. Having seen a lot of the coverage of this in the last week, I think we still had an original take on things, with the highlights being a "back-and-to-the-left" video edit that was an homage to the movie "JFK", the showcasing of the new Janet Jackson "popping action" play doll, and a theory that Justin Timberlake was after the Jackson family fortune, but that the silver might disrupt his werewolf powers. (No, I can't explain that last point!)

We also tried to break new ground by doing our own version of the Dating Game, taking callers as contestants. This turned out funny, it went on a bit long, and it suffered from a lack of preparation, and a lack of enthusiasm. The best moment came after the first round when the guy who won the date told us that his girlfriend was watching from the other room. Wha!?

Clips tonight were pretty good: the trailer for "Chuck and Buck", Andy Kaufman on the Dating Game, Marvin Gaye performing "Let's Get It On", and talk show appearances by Valerie Bertinelli and Crispin Glover.

Shadow Caves in the White House

Slate has a good editorial on Sunday's "Meet the Press" interview with GW. The premise of the editorial is that Bush has theories about how the world works, and only sees the evidence that supports those ideas. He doesn't change his mind, no matter how tenuous his arguments become. It's a Platonic view of reality where the ideas of things are more important than how they really are. Here's a quote:

You can hear the gears turning in Bush's mind. We were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001. That attack exposed a new reality. That new reality changed the context for interpreting intelligence. Or, as Howard Dean less charitably puts it, if Bush and his administration "have a theory and a fact, and [the two] don't coincide, they get rid of the fact instead of the theory."

Off to San Jose

Well, I'm off on my third trip to San Jose California this year. This time, I'm speaking at PalmSource Developer Conference 2004! I'll also be hanging out at the programming lab, going to a Palm Entrepreneurs Forum dinner, and answering a lot of questions with "no comment". I hope to come back with a lot of the new web and streaming media working in the South by Southwest 2004 PDA schedule application, along with a lot of information on PalmSource's newest OS version, better contacts with the other important developers, and a bunch of good photos.

I'll be posting more technical info at http://palmoswerks.com/ while I'm there, but I'm keeping the personal stuff here. I hope I get in tonight in time to go to the cool vegetarian Vietnamese place a few blocks down from the Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose. See you all soon!